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How to get Scattered Prisms in Diablo 4

Mar 22, 2023

Upgrade your equipment with this rare material.

There are tons of new crafting items that you will find throughout your journey across Sanctuary in Diablo 4. I’ve found that items such as Scattered Prisms are essential to upgrading gear and armor to help me keep up with the increasingly difficult end-game content.

Scattered Prisms can be added to your gear with applicable sockets at the jeweler in Kyovashad. While you can certainly go the entire game without adding to your gear's sockets, if you are looking to completely maximize your character to its fullest for end-game content, I think you will eventually need to find Scattered Prisms.

Scattered Prisms are a rare ore that can be added to equipment with sockets at any jeweler found in Diablo 4. These sockets will increase the overall value of your selected gear for a price.

After you have acquired a Scattered Prism and venture to a jeweler, I recommend you simply navigate to the ‘Add Socket’ tab and select your chosen piece of equipment. From here, you will see the prospective changes to this piece of gear with an added socket. If this is the change you desire, finalize your sale and then be on your way.

There are two methods to acquire Scattered Prisms in Diablo 4. The first is completely randomized and impossible to farm regularly, as Scattered Prisms have a chance to drop from Treasure Goblins. This unique mob will spawn randomly during dungeons and will immediately run away from you.

These Treasure Goblins can be extremely hard to catch if you do not have some kind of slow or damage-over-time ability on hand. I have certainly lost plenty of Treasure Goblins in my many attempts to chase them down. But if you are lucky enough to slay one, there is a chance it will drop a Scattered Prism.

The second method is far more difficult, but I think it's also considerably more reliable. Scattered Prisms are also known to drop from world bosses found across Sanctuary. At the time of writing, there are only three total world bosses: Ashava, Avarice, and Wandering Death.

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World bosses will only appear after you have completed the main storyline in Diablo 4. Similar to Treasure Goblins, these bosses can be difficult to farm, not only because of the challenge each poses but also due to the infrequent timers on each world boss. Because of that, I suggest you look at our comprehensive guide on all Diablo 4 world boss spawn times and locations. It should help you determine whether it's worth the effort going this route.

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Related: Diablo 4 Ashava world boss spawn times and location