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16 Extension Cords and Power Strips You’ll Actually Like Looking At From Across the Room

Jun 29, 2023

By Kelsey Borovinsky

Illustration by Soleil Summer

After living in prewar Brooklyn apartments for five years with a single plug in each room, extension cords and power strips have become a vital resource in order to make the space functional. With every gadget in the house needing to be plugged in and charged up, the two standard sockets just aren't cutting it anymore—especially when said power sources are more than a 3.3-feet Apple cable away.

In high-use areas around the desk, bed, and couch, the power strip and extension cords can be permanent fixtures in the space, so why not make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible? Below, I’ve rounded up 16 of the most decorative extension cords and power strips that will make having wires and plugs out in the open a statement that's not an eyesore.

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This is the power strip that sent me down a rabbit hole looking for decorative power strips—although calling this a strip is just visually incorrect. This piece of art made by the Dutch artist Gert Wessels is equipped with European sockets, making it the perfect housewarming gift for your friend whose job just transferred them across the Atlantic Ocean.

With over 14,000 ratings (and 4.8 stars), it looks like we’ve been sleeping on this technicolor cord. It gets you eight feet closer to a plug, and you can get it in twelve different shades. Coming in under $10, this is definitely being added to the cart.

The people over at Shinola know how to design a quality product, and this is no exception. Equipped with five sockets and two USB ports, this power strip, enclosed in metal with a rubber base, can sit upright on the floor or desktop and offers eight feet of extension from your wall outlet. With six different color offerings, the product can be a prominent addition to the room or seamlessly blend into the background.

This extension cord with dual USB ports not only provides industrial design to your office setup or living space, but also turns off automatically once your mobile device is charged in order to save your battery. The 12-foot braided cotton cord comes in two colorways, and if the USB is an unnecessary feature for your particular space, they offer an option with two three-prong sockets and a cord that features four sockets.

Achieve peak coziness in your space with this extension cord that looks like your favorite sweater.

For the more California Coastal or boho spaces, these macramé extension cords add a natural element while extending your power source from six to 12 feet.

This extension cord can be customized for whatever needs you have for your space. You choose your length from six to 25 feet, cord color from 26 options, and lastly plug color.

By Erika Owen

By Rachel Davies

By Eva Morell

Sometimes you just wish that plug was nine feet closer. This covered extension cord adds a little extra color.

We are pretty sure that most of the people who purchase this product are probably using it in a garage with tools but we also think the bright industrial orange would look cool in an otherwise bland office space.

Made by a design studio in San Francisco, the Nikois encased in white ash wood combines minimalism and functionality, perfectly integrating into any contemporary space. There are four stylish color options, and the 10-foot knitted cable cord includes a leather strap to neatly coil any excess.

By Erika Owen

By Rachel Davies

By Eva Morell

This extension cord cube is a magnet, so you can attach it easily to a desk leg or filing cabinet. Please note that it only comes in a European socket option.

The low profile build of the sockets makes this extension cord perfect for smaller spaces. This eight-foot, kink-resistant cord comes in a lovely teal green color that looks like the jump ropes we had in kindergarten.

This is a great option for when you need everything in one small space. The cube design of the ports squeezes in three outlets and two USB charging ports. The champagne color is perfect for more neutral spaces.

By Erika Owen

By Rachel Davies

By Eva Morell

Sometimes you need to charge a few things at once 20 minutes before leaving the house and the Kindle, your phone, and the Airpods are all at half battery. This braided cord would also be perfect for an office setup, especially with everything needing a USB port nowadays. It's also the only extension cord in this roundup that is just USB ports.

With a hybrid work life becoming more common, sometimes the office looks different from day to day. This power strip featuring three outlets and two USB ports is perfect for those on the go as the power strip detaches from the cord to fit perfectly in the included travel bag. It also features illuminated outlets, putting an end to blindly trying to plug something in before going to bed.

The best extension cord is one you already have. Because we are not in the practice of throwing out things that still have life in them, if you already have one in your home that works perfectly well, these cord covers from Los Angeles–based designer Kristin Dickson-Okuda beautifully veil unsightly power cords that could use a little flair. With 13 different color offerings, a cover like this could add some dimension to any office setup or even just a boring charging cord that never leaves the wall.

By Rachel Davies

By Audrey Lee

By Erika Owen

By Lori Keong