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5 best travel power strips with USB charging in UAE, for 2023

Jan 19, 2024

Power on and charge up to seven devices through a single outlet, using compact extensions

A hotel room would accommodate your phone charger and power bank at the same time, but a laptop, camera and other electronics in the bag might have to wait their turn. Why waste time swapping gadgets by the wall outlet, when you can power up everything at once? A multi-outlet power strip makes sure you're always travel-ready, before you head out for a long day of exploring.

Unlike universal travel adaptors, which are often limited to one three-pin outlet, power strips take on a higher number of devices that are AC and USB-compatible. Any power strip can be travel-friendly, says Hashim Rashid, sales manager at PC accessory store Gadgetz in Dubai, as long as it's compact and has enough ports for all your tech.

"Nowadays, most chargers use type-C, so you don't have to carry your charging brick with a power strip - just a type-C cable should be enough. Make sure the wattage of these ports will support your laptop, which usually ranges from 65 to 75W," Rashid added.

Our smartphones and laptops will most likely charge at a slower speed than we're used to. Rashid says that the power strip will not push out the same wattage as the device's original brick and cable. This is unless the USB ports are marked with fast-charging technology, such as Qualcomm's Quick Charge (QC) and USB Power Delivery (PD).

In your search, you will come across two types of strips: a wall-mounted plug and a corded plug. While a wall plug packs lighter, a long cord allows you to comfortably charge items where you need them. The latter is our primary choice for this list.

If you're flying to a destination that uses a different outlet type than the UAE, then carry a travel adaptor with you. For instance, our three-pin flat rectangular plugs will work just fine in the UK, but will be incompatible with the US's two-pronged socket. Most of our power strips listed below are three-pronged, so consider an adaptor to match the foreign sockets of your travel destination.

You shouldn't need a voltage converter since most devices today, from phones to laptops, are dual-voltage or universally compatible. However, plugging in a single-voltage appliance, like a hair straightener or dryer, can be hazardous if the volts don't match.

"The new tech is safe, because even if there's an upsurge of current to the devices, fuses in the strips cut off the extra power," said Rashid, referring to surge protection in some of the pricier power strips.

We've gathered the best power strips below, starting with the manufacturer recommended by our expert. Shop this travel essential using Amazon Prime to get free, fast delivery, well in time for your next vacation.

Rashid's recommended brand, Ugreen's cubic charging station is all you'll need on your summer travels. Attached to a 1.8-metre cord is a seven-in-one power strip that delivers up to 2,990 watts in total. The DigiNest Cube juices your 13-inch MacBook Air in 1.5 hours, using two 65W PD type-C ports. When two USB-C devices are plugged in, the power delivery splits into 45W and 20W. Your type-A gadgets, like a camera and power bank, can take advantage of the other two 18W QC ports. Let's not forget the three-pin AC outlets found on the three sides of the cube that can be used for dual-voltage appliances and power bricks. Once you're done powering up everything, simply flip the main switch on the cube off the power supply. It also has overvoltage, overcurrent and shortcircuit protection. Users love the build quality of the power extension and how space-saving it is. One drawback you will have to work around is that the AC outlets only accept flat rectangular prongs.

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Warranty: The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.

Another power strip with a similar outlet system is the Caroski extension, except you can control it with your voice over a 2.4Hz Wi-Fi connection. Whether with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or SmartThings, the power strip turns on or off the devices you want, hands-free. If you're wary of overcharging your smartphone, set a time schedule to take care of that for you. Like the Ugreen DigiCube, this strip delivers a total power of 2,990 watts via three universal AC outlets and four USB ports. You might have to bring along your laptop charger, since the only type-C port maxes out at 30W, but it's sufficient for juicing a tablet. Your order comes with USB-A to USB-C and USB-A to Lightning cables, a welcome add-on that reviewers call a great value for money. Some families use the Wi-Fi feature to limit their children's screen times, as well.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

Talk about super compact and super extensive! Ntonpower's three-metre power strip is only 11 by 11cm. Thanks to its lightweight, slim build, the power extension is easily wall-mountable using the two screws in the package, for a more permanent solution at home. It offers two AC outlets and three USB-A ports, so do note that any type-C device will have to make do with a USB-A to USB-C cable. The total output is a whopping 3,250 watts, and the mini power strip intelligently adjusts its current for different devices to prevent any damage. Reviewers find the construction heavy-duty and well-made, making it the perfect companion for a solo traveller who only carries a handful of gadgets.

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Warranty: The manufacturer offers an 18-month warranty.

Gzar's 380-gram cubic power strip fits in one hand, yet it can charge up to seven devices in your kit simultaneously. Where the Ugreen DigiCube only had flat rectangular prongs, the four AC outlets on this extension have a universal form factor. This means there's plenty of space for bigger charging adaptors that won't obstruct each other. You're also getting three USB-A ports with smart charging technology, which distributes the current optimally to the appropriate devices. Along with overcurrent and overvoltage protection, the power strip carries its own switch for turning devices on and off quickly and safely. Its flat base and tower-like extension are a win for several reviewers who like having the strip stationed next to them as they work, and not on the floor. Travellers love that they only have to occupy one outlet to charge their phones, earbuds and wireless speaker.

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The Bagel solves the outlet problem for a frequent traveller - it's a clever contraption that combines both a travel adaptor and a power strip for universal compatibility. This means all differing plug types, UK, EU, AU and US AC sockets, are integrated into this round power strip. Moreover, there are two fast-charge USB-A ports for quick phone charging. Mogics advises against plugging in power-heavy appliances, such as hair dryers and microwaves, so it's best to stick to dual-voltage devices like our phones, computers, cameras and handheld game consoles. The three-feet cable neatly wraps around the ring when not in use. Despite its bulky appearance, you'll be surprised to know that the Bagel fits inside a shirt pocket. Reviewers say this strip has replaced other heavier alternatives in their travel bags, reporting successful use in the UK, Germany and France. Others mention powering up a projector, laptops and iPhones all in one go. But, above all, if you own devices with different plug types, then this ring is definitely for you.

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