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Is Elemental Lariat still good in WoW Dragonflight season 2?

Mar 16, 2023

The best item from Dragonflight season one still has some value in the game's latest patch.

The most powerful item in WoW Dragonflight season one was unquestionably the Elemental Lariat. The necklace, which has the chance to temporarily increase the power of any of your socketed gems, was used by every PvE player at the start of Dragonflight, regardless of their class, spec, or role.

But in Dragonflight season two, the Elemental Lariat received a sizable nerf, allowing players to have more flexibility in the items that they crafted, as well as the necklaces that their character was able to wear. And now, as the game transitions into its second season and more items are able to be crafted and upgraded, the question on everyone's mind is simple: Is the Elemental Lariat still good?

If you upgraded your Elemental Lariat all the way in season one using Sparks of Ingenuity and Concentrated Primal Focus, your neckpiece will be at item level 421 going into season two. While gear at ilvl 421 can be outpaced very quickly, the special effect of the Elemental Lariat is extremely valuable and still makes the item stronger than many other necklaces available in season two.

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The Elemental Lariat was nerfed in season two, bringing it down from its pedestal as a mandatory best-in-slot item for every spec in the game. The nerfs hit the duration of the Lariat's stat increase buff, decreasing its uptime from 12 seconds to five seconds, plus one additional second for each gem your character has socketed.

While the Elemental Lariat is still strong, it's not a best-in-slot item for every player anymore. In season one, the item was practically mandatory for every spec in the game. But now, only about one-third of the game's specs will see the Lariat as their best possible option.

The Lariat is still best-in-slot for specs that don't have too many other required embellishments, including many of the game's tank and healer specs. Proc-based stat increases from the Lariat will always be good for those two roles as DPS embellishments aren't mandatory on them.

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Keep in mind your WoW character can only have two embellished items equipped at any time, and the Elemental Lariat counts as one. Many Leather and Mail-wearing DPS specs will want to craft boots in season two, such as the Slimy Expulsion Treads or the Venom-Steeped Stompers, in addition to another item crafted with a Toxified Armor Patch.

We recommend using the Elemental Lariat on all tank and healer specs and keeping it as a potential option for specs that don't have any other mandatory embellishments, including some caster specs such as Destruction Warlock and Devastation Evoker, among others. Still, your build is entirely up to you, and if you find that certain items are definitive upgrades over others, the way you customize the embellishments in your loadout could make extra room for the Lariat after all. We wouldn't advise saving space for the item on your character since it's no longer a must-have; if you have a bonafide strong necklace, don't be afraid to use it.

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