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Resident Evil 4

Mar 28, 2023

You can earn a lot of pesetas by selling Treasures and Gemstones in Resident Evil 4.

By Jason Rodriguez on March 25, 2023 at 10:57AM PDT

Resident Evil 4 is filled with various Treasures, precious items that can be sold to the Merchant in exchange for pesetas, the game's regular currency. Apart from that, you can also socket a few of them with Gemstones, increasing their value further. Here's our Resident Evil 4 Treasures and Gemstones guide hub to help you with some loot-finding and money-making tips.

We've divided our Resident Evil 4 Treasures and Gemstones guide hub into several sections. We detail the important concepts related to this particular feature, as well as some tips to keep you rolling in dough.

Perhaps the most important facets when you want to acquire Resident Evil 4 Treasures and Gemstones are the Treasure Maps. These are sold by the Merchant whenever you reach a major zone, and they only cost a small amount of Spinels. Since they reveal all the Treasures as diamond icons on your map, they're absolutely worth it.

We also have to consider the different ways you can acquire Resident Evil 4 Treasures and Gemstones. Here's the gist:

As you progress further in the campaign, you'll notice spots with yellow paint markings or boost icons. You won't be able to do anything just yet, but, once you have Ashley as a companion, Leon can do boost actions. This will allow Ashley to climb up to open a door or bring down a ladder.

Here's the kicker: you'll often need to backtrack to return to some of these areas when Ashley is with you, or once you have the means available. It might take a while, and there could be new enemies, but you'll have to make an attempt if you want to grab more Resident Evil 4 Treasures and Gemstones. Here are some examples:

The Resident Evil 4 Treasures and Gemstones also have different prices:

And, finally, we'll have to discuss the Resident Evil 4 Gemstone Bonuses. Most Treasures you find will have "for selling only" written, which means you can just hand them to the Merchant as is. However, there are those with sockets, allowing you to place Gemstones that match the shape (i.e., round or square). A multiplier will then be applied depending on the base value of the item, the base value of each jewel, the number of sockets, and the combination.

For instance, the Elegant Crown item can be sold for 19,000 pesetas. But, because it has five sockets, we can maximize our Resident Evil 4 Treasure and Gemstone Bonuses. If we go with the five colors combination, and with the value of certain gems, the item becomes more valuable as it can be sold for 100,000 pesetas.

Resident Evil 4 has more mechanics and secrets for you to discover. You can learn more in our guides hub.

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