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Square Enix Celebrates As Octopath Traveler II Ships 1 Million Units

Oct 06, 2023

"We are truly grateful for your support"

Update: Square Enix has since confirmed the news on its official Twitter account, and we've replaced the original Japanese tweet with the English one, along with the text.

It's incredible to think that Octopath Traveler II came out almost four months ago — how are we this far into the year already? But Square Enix is celebrating its HD-2D sequel today as it's announced that the game has shipped over 1 million units since its release in February 2023.

Taking to Twitter via the official Octopath PR account, the publisher has shared some brand new art from the game's lead artist Tatsuaki Urushihara featuring Osvald, Ochette, and Throné.

The Octopath team shared its thanks on the social media platforming, thanking fans for their support:

" #OctopathTraveler2 has surpassed one million units shipped and downloaded worldwide!We are truly grateful for your support!Tatsuaki Urushihara has created this commemorative artwork inspired Ochette and Throné discussing "if their wishes came true" while journeying together."

For context, 2018's Octopath Traveler was originally a Switch exclusive, and it shipped 1 million units in around three weeks (it's now sold over 3 million units as of September 2022). Octopath Traveler II, unlike its predecessor, was released on PC, PS4, and PS5 on the same day as the Switch version.

However, Octopath Traveler had the novelty of being the first HD-2D game, and the sequel comes a year after two HD-2D games — Triangle Strategy and Live A Live — were released. Triangle Strategy, a strategy RPG that was also initially a Switch exclusive, sold 800,000 units in two weeks but reportedly reached 1 million units around December 2022. As on September 2022, the Live A Live remake sold 500,000 units when it was a Switch-only game.

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