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Square Enix Emphasizes Final Fantasy V's Subversion & Uniqueness

May 15, 2023

Square Enix recently published an article emphasizing the uniqueness of Final Fantasy V following the classic six games’ Pixel Remaster releases on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Its identity is quite unique compared to other mainline entries, both narrative and gameplay-wise.

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Firstly, the story's premise can be heavily likened to the first Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy III, as it's simply about the Warriors of Prophecy chosen by the crystals to vanquish treachery. However, with one of the party members being an elderly amnesiac who evades responsibility, and the protagonist, Bartz, playing the straight man, the dynamics aren't so conventional.

Humor is actually at the forefront of Final Fantasy V, inherently differentiating it from the other entries. The villains, for example, Exdeath and Gilgamesh, are certainly not great guys. Still, they’re surprisingly likable amidst it all. Gilgamesh, especially, is just a really loveable antagonist that I wish was somewhat more common in the series. But, then again, that trope's rarity in Final Fantasy makes its usages all the more effective, I suppose.

Lastly, of course, is Final Fantasy V's Job system. This point shouldn't necessitate any emphasis as it's primarily what the game is known for, but aside from Final Fantasy X-2 and Stranger of Paradise, the degree of character customization freedom present here is unprecedented. Plus, it's absolutely wild for the era the title was initially released.

For this full article on Final Fantasy V, check out Square Enix's official website.

Further regarding the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series sales, they have collectively sold over two million units worldwide across PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and mobile devices.

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Fans can utilize a highly-requested new font option, the ability to switch between the original and remastered background music, and several ways to adjust the experience. Specifically, random encounters can be turned off, earned experience and Gil can be amplified, and ABP can be altered. Final Fantasy II also has dedicated boost options to make the experience more accessible.