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Mumbai: Konkan Railway Gets Ready For Monsoon Season With Various Initiatives

Mar 23, 2023

Konkan Railway has undertaken a comprehensive range of measures to ensure the safe and smooth operation of trains during the upcoming monsoon season. The railway has implemented various initiatives to minimise disruptions caused by heavy rainfall and prioritize passenger safety. The Monsoon Time Table of Konkan Railway will be effective from 10th June to 31st October.

Over the years, Konkan Railway has executed extensive geo-safety works along the railway line, significantly reducing occurrences of boulder fall and soil slip. The railway continues to emphasize catch water drain cleaning and inspection of cuttings to maintain a high level of safety.

Monsoon Patrolling and Vigilance

To ensure continuous monitoring and prompt response, Konkan Railway will conduct Monsoon Patrolling with approximately 673 personnel deployed along the route. Vulnerable locations have been identified and will be patrolled round the clock, with stationary watchmen stationed for 24-hour surveillance. Speed restrictions will be imposed at sensitive locations.

In situations where heavy rainfall affects visibility, loco pilots have been instructed to reduce train speeds to 40 kmph as a precautionary measure. Self-propelled medical trains equipped with Operation Theaters and emergency medical aid are stationed at Ratnagiri and Verna. Additionally, an Accident Relief Train (ART) is prepared and ready at Verna to provide assistance if needed.

Effective Communication System

Konkan Railway has implemented a comprehensive communication system to ensure effective coordination between staff members. Safety category personnel have been provided with mobile phones to contact the control office or station during emergencies. Loco Pilots and Guards are equipped with Walkie-talkie sets, and each station along the Konkan Railway route is equipped with a 25 Watt VHF base station, enabling wireless communication between train crews and station masters.

Emergency Communication and Weather Monitoring

Emergency Communication (EMC) sockets have been installed at an average distance of 1 km along the railway route, enabling patrolmen, watchmen, loco pilots, guards, and maintenance staff to contact the Station Master and control office in case of emergencies. Konkan Railway has also enhanced signal visibility by replacing all main signal aspects with LEDs, improving visibility for train operators. Moreover, self-recording rain gauges have been installed at nine stations to record rainfall and alert officials in case of increased precipitation. Flood warning systems for bridges have been implemented at three locations to promptly notify officials if water flow reaches dangerous levels.

Round-the-Clock Control Rooms

Control rooms at Belapur, Ratnagiri, and Madgaon will operate 24/7 during the monsoon period to monitor the situation and ensure the safe running of trains. Passengers can conveniently check train statuses online by visiting or by dialing 139.

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Monsoon Patrolling and Vigilance Effective Communication System Emergency Communication and Weather Monitoring Round-the-Clock Control Rooms